Commonly Confused Words | Envelop and Envelope

The confusion

Envelop and envelope are easily confused because they have almost the same spelling and pronunciation although they have different meanings.

What's the difference between envelop and envelope?


The word envelop is a verb and it means to wrap up, cover, or to surround (an enemy force).


  • The baby was enveloped in a white blanket.
  • The truth of his illness is enveloped in mystery.
  • Our troops enveloped the enemy.

Here are some synonyms of envelop:

surround, cover, enfold, engulf, encircle, encompass, cocoon, sheathe, swathe, enclose...


The word envelope is a noun. It refers to a flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document.


  • His resignation was in a sealed envelope along with this letter.

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