Confused Words | Loath and Loathe

Easily confused words - loath and loathe

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It’s easy to get the words loath and loathe confused. Although their meanings are related, their use is different. Loath is an adjective that means unwilling while loathe is a verb that means hate.

Loath or loathe?


The word loath is an adjective. It means unwilling or reluctant; disinclined.


reluctant, unwilling, disinclined, ill-disposed; averse, opposed, resistant...


  • I am loath to leave.
  • I was loath to to take risks.


The word loathe is a verb. It means feel intense dislike or disgust for.


hate, detest, abhor, execrate, have a strong aversion to, feel repugnance toward, not be able to bear/stand, be repelled by...


  • She loathed him.
  • It was strange to see two brothers who truly loathed each other like that!
  • His wife loathed his habits.

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