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The words disinterested and uninterested can be confusing. They are both in the negative form but they have different meanings. Disinterested refers to someone who is not influenced by considerations of personal advantage. Disinterested people stand on a neutral position and are impartial. Uninterested, however, means not interested in or concerned about something or someone. An uninterested person is someone who doesn't care...

Disinterested or Uninterested


The an adjective disinterested is used to describe an unbiased person: a person who is impartial, or not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, or concerns...


unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, neutral, nonpartisan, detached, uninvolved, objective, dispassionate, impersonal..


  • They were disinterested and helped us resolve the dispute.
  • The UN sent disinterested observers.
  • Let me give you a disinterested advice.


The word uninterested is an adjective and it is the opposite of interested. It means indifferent or not personally concerned in something.


indifferent to, unconcerned with, incurious about, unenthusiastic about...


  • He is uninterested in politics.
  • He was uninterested in helping us solve the problem.

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