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The words canvas and canvass can be confusing. They have almost the same form and are pronounced similarly although they have completely different meanings. Canvas is a type of cloth whereas canvass means to seek votes.

Canvas or Canvass?


The word canvas is a noun. It refers to a type of coarse cloth useful for making sails and tents or as a surface for paintings.


  • I bought a canvas handbag.
  • His paintings are oil on canvas.

The term canvas may also refer to the following:

  • A painting as in "they sold all his late canvases."
  • A basis for creative work as in "the writer takes the poor areas of the city a canvas for his sociological studies."
  • A region on which graphics can be rendered on a computer.
  • Sails of a ship.
  • A tent.


The word canvass can be a noun and a verb.

A. As a noun, it refers to a solicitation of voters or public opinion.

B. As a verb it means:

1. To solicit voters, opinions, etc. from

2. To conduct a survey.

3. To campaign.


  • to canvass a city for votes

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