Confused Words | Altogether and All together

The confusion

The word altogether and the phrase all together can be confusing. Altogether means completely or totally while all together is a phrase which means in a group.

Altogether or all together

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all together

The phrase all together refers to members of a group performing or undergoing an action collectively. Notice that all together may be separated by other words.


all, everyone, everybody, in a group...


  • The neighbors stood all together in the street. | All the neighbors stood together in the street.
  • They sang all together. | All the students sang together.
  • They were all together at the café. | All his friends went to the café together.


The word altogether is an adverb and means completely or totally.


completely, totally, entirely, absolutely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, utterly...


  • He stopped seeing her altogether.
  • It was not an altogether bad day.
  • He had an altogether new idea.

Notice altogether may be used in the phrase in the altogether to mean a state of nudity or naked.

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