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Title Description Sent by
Quiz This is a quiz designed for level for Mroccan students. The quiz covers conditional type three, verb tenses, passive voice, collocations and agreement/disagreement. abdou
prefixes and suffixes prefixes and suffixes, mis, re, under, over... zak
Verb sheet Verb tenses ali
Third conditional Third conditional lesson plan youssef
Quiz for beginners 1. must - mustnít- donít have to 2. was, wasnít, were, werenít 3. a few, a little, much, many, any 3. Expressing agreement / disagreement 4. Asking for and giving advice nightwalker
Phrasal verbs Phrasal Verbs - Filling in the blanks. nightwalker
Mock Exam Comprehension questions, language tasks and writing task! wafa
Test and Quizes A compilation of tests and quizes wafa
Mock Exam Global test with text, comprehension questions, language exercises and writing task! teach4all
Jobs Illustrated vocabulary: jobs / occupations. teach4all
Punctuation Punctuation rules teach4all
Confused words There, their, wear, wear, were, too, two, to teach4all