Reading Comprehension - The Lost City of Atlantis

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Plato's Atlantis

Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis is a fictional island mentioned in Plato's works Timaeus and Critias, where it represents the antagonist naval power that besieges "Ancient Athens". In the story, Athens was able to repel the Atlantean attack, unlike any other nation of the known world, supposedly giving testament to the superiority of Plato's concept of a state as described in his work the Republic. At the end of the story, Atlantis eventually falls out of favor with the gods and famously submerges into the Atlantic Ocean.

The lost city of Atlantis

Despite its minor importance in Plato's work, the Atlantis story has had a considerable impact on literature. The allegorical aspect of Atlantis was taken up in utopian works of several Renaissance writers, such as Bacon's New Atlantis and More's Utopia.

Plato's vague indications of the time of the events—more than 9,000 years before his day—and the alleged location of Atlantis—"beyond the Pillars of Hercules", an area at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.—has led to much pseudoscientific speculation. As a consequence, Atlantis has become a byword for any and all supposed advanced prehistoric lost civilizations and continues to inspire contemporary fiction, from comic books to films.

But is atlantis real?

Many teams of scientist have tried to identify the location of the lost cit of Atlantis in vain. Many of the proposed sites share some of the characteristics of the Atlantis story (water, catastrophic end, relevant time period), but none has been demonstrated to be a true historical Atlantis.

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Atlantis was mentioned in a myth by Plato.
    a. True
    b. False
  2. According to Plato the Atlanteans attacked Athens and won the war.
    a. True
    b. False
  3. The story told by Plato took place in his era.
    a. True
    b. False
  4. Scientists haven't found its location yet.
    a. True
    b. False

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