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What does have green fingers mean?

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have green fingers

If you have green fingers, you are skilled at gardening.

This idiom is primarily heard in the UK and Australia. The North American equivalent expression is the following:

have a green thumb.

Note that you can describe a person who is skilled at gardening as green-fingered.


The origin of the phrase 'have green fingers' dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The phrase has evolved to mean someone who is good at horticulture.

The Oxford English Dictionary mentions that the earliest use of the phrase was by Mary Stuart Boyd in her 1906 novel, The Misses Make-Believe:
What old wives call ‘green fingers’: those magic digits that appear to ensure the growth of everything they plant.

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. It is connected to meanings of growth, peace, freshness, security, fertility, and the environment.


My wife has green fingers. She can take care of any type of plant.

You don't need to have green fingers to fill your home with beautiful plants.

You really do have green fingers. Your garden looks awesome.

My father had a green thumb. He could grow anything.

Although he is not green-fingered, he managed to grow beautiful flowers through summer and beyond.

What does have green fingers mean?

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