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like clockwork

If something happens like clockwork, it means that it happens predictably, without any problems.

The idiom describes something that goes as planned, with precision and without delays.
like clockwork

Other variations of this phrase:

  • Something is as regular as clockwork.

  • It works like clockwork.

  • It runs like clockwork.

'Like clockwork' synonyms

- Precisely
- With (complete) precision
- With (complete) regularity
- With clockwork precision
- With unfailing regularity
- Cyclic
- Periodic
- On a regular basis
- Without any problems
- timely
- in a regular manner
- with no delay

The origin of the phrase

The term 'clockwork' refers to the machinery that runs a clock. Comparing something to the clockwork means that it happens in a perfect manner, without any unpredictable issues, that is with machinelike regularity and precision.


The launching of the new product went like clockwork.
When a plan does not go like clockwork from the outset, there are calls for it to be abandoned.
The meeting went like clockwork.
We planned the holiday to go like clockwork.

This idiom is in the technology and science category

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