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QuoteTeachers often use quotes in the ESL/EFL classrooms. Here are some of the most motivational quotes you can use to learn or teach English.

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It is good for you
Do not consider painful what is good for you.
Euripides | inspirational

No one is truly free
No one is truly free, they are a slave to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to their will.
Euripides | freedom

Leave no stone unturned.
Euripides | motivational

Not the only coin
Silver and gold are not the only coin; virtue too passes current all over the world.
Euripides | money

No one
No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.
Euripides | life

Second thoughts
Among mortals second thoughts are wisest.
Euripides | wisdom

One life
There is just one life for each of us: our own.
Euripides | life

Helpless without it
The bold are helpless without cleverness.
Euripides | intelligence

Wealth and character
Wealth stays with us a little moment if at all: only our characters are steadfast, not our gold.
Euripides | money

Much effort, much prosperity.
| success

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