Future Tense

There are different ways to talk about the future.

The present tense

To talk about scheduled future events the simple present tense is used:

  • The train leaves at 6:00 in the morning.
  • The school year starts next week.
  • We arrive at 4:00 this afternoon.

Future plan

To talk about future plans and arrangement we use either:


  • We are leaving this morning at 7:00.
  • I am going to meet him later.

Going to is also used for predictions:

  • Be careful! you are going to break the glass.

The simple future

The simple future (will + verb) is used:

  1. when we make predictions
    It will rain tomorrow.
  2. when it's an instant decision:
    A. We have an email from Larry.
    B. I'll answer it.
  3. for offers and promises:
    I'll call you tomorrow.
    I'll help you with those boxes.
  4. In conditional clauses:
    We will watch the match if we finish the work early.


Modals like may, might, and could are used when we are not sure about the future:

  • We might meet them in Paris.
  • I may go out this evening.

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