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italki review

italki review

English has become an international language and as a non-native speaker, you might be interested to join an online English course. One of the language programs that promise good results is italki. The following italki review attempts at presenting the cons and the pros of the programme.

italki review

With italki programme, you will learn the English language online with a personal native teacher. This is why italki can have an added value compared to other automated programmes. It focuses entirely on connecting you to human beings.


  • The programme connects you to real teachers (native speakers) not robots.
  • According to users, it is a fantastic product, helping people all around the world learn languages.
  • It has a fun and creative environment, with the team always looking to innovate.
  • There are teachers available for an incredible number of languages on the platform.
  • iTalki teachers share their calendar of availability on iTalki so when you purchase lessons with them, you can schedule your lesson right away.
  • Tutors are rated by learners


  • It is a paid programme. But the prices are reasonable.
  • Skype connection seems to vary from country to country, and from tutor to tutor

If you are interested, here is the link to their website: