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A Blessing In Disguise

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lgefreak Posted at 13h24 on Jan 22 09
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What does "A Blessing In Disguise" mean?? thx in advance!cool
simo Posted at 14h01 on Jan 22 09
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Posted at 20h42 on Mar 09 09
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Thx for the explanation. lol
Sometimes, things seems to be terrible. We consider ourselves helpless because something happening to us appears to be bad at first sight. But, when you look closely at the matter you find that there is more good in it than evil. "It was a blessing in disguise." happy
teach4all Posted at 18h54 on Oct 01 09
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davidbendtner Posted at 15h19 on Aug 30 10
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Thanks a lot made it very clear and simpler ..

Keep contributing..

shane123 Posted at 12h44 on Sep 20 10
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Hello, according to me the proper meaning of this word is,,

well-being, or prosperity"

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