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Am I on the right site for my situation?

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poconodan Posted at 18h54 on Oct 13 13
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Member registered on 10/13/2013
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Localisation : United States
I am a 59 year old man who has been let go of a job I had for 25 years. One of my weak point is my grammar. In addition my spelling is terrible. I am looking to reinvent myself so I want to tackle this weakness.
This site looked interesting and I do need to relevant the basics.
Any advise
teach4all Posted at 01h04 on Oct 15 13
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Member registered on 05/02/2009
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You're welcome here!

There are a lot of interesting materials on this website.
Here is a site map for the site where you can start!
Jacob Brown Posted at 10h54 on Dec 12 13
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Member registered on 12/12/2013
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Localisation : Canada
hi poconodan, i am sorry to hear about your misfortune. I would be glad to help. With all due respect, I would like to know what happened. Where it all went wrong.
Smurf-Teacher Posted at 20h44 on Jan 06 14
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Member registered on 01/06/2014
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Hi sir,
I'll be so glad to help u.
in addition to "" which is a good website that can really help you so much, here is another one: "" I hope you like it.

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