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one seems oneself to be...

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vectordoctor Posted at 16h09 on Feb 01 13
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Does the expression "one seems oneself to be..." (or "one seems oneself as...") really mean that "one is trying to create the impression of being..." as in the 7 sentences below that I've found online:
... if he is as hot as the story seems him to be i think that Olivia should go out with him.
I think I just don't hold sex to be something as great as everyone else seems it to be.
Of course Roissy seems himself to be above "lesser people." But if he belongs to the upper class, then he has made poor use of the possibilities he has had.
The President has never seemed himself to be unduly disturbed by the news that he must have read...
Woody seems himself to be deluded, as if “the real Buzz Lightyear” (and not just copies) existed.
The deeply conservative Obama, like Clinton, seems himself to be pretty much of an Eisenhower Republican at best,
He lives only for the pain of others, and so seems himself to be in a near-constant state of agitation and anger. Now of course these traits are important parts of his character...

wafa Posted at 02h00 on Feb 02 13
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If you don't seem yourself it means that you are not in your normal mental and physical state. The same idea can be expressed by using the verb be or feel:
He was not quite himself yesterday. ( He didn't feel well)
He felt himself after a night of deep sleep. (He felt ok after sleeping)

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