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Do songs help?

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nightwalker Posted at 02h15 on May 27 09
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I like English songs. Do they help in learning English?
abdou Posted at 00h49 on Aug 14 09
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well, I think songs do help students who are learning English as a foreign or second language. They help them acquire more vocabulary and develop a better pronunciation. However, students have to bear in mind that songs are not enough by any means for them to be able to understand and speak English. That is, they have to learn English through different activities which reinforce different skills. Students are required to learn to listen to and understand, speak and write English. Therefore, songs could be a great help, but can never be taken as the magic stick for learning English successfully.
englishlearning Posted at 03h27 on Nov 29 11
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Songs are great, especially I think songs that have been written with young learners in mind. I've done these types of songs in Spain before and they are very clear in terms of introducing different language in a fun way.

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