Vocabulary - Saint Valentine's Day

This is a list of vocabulary items related to Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Celebrated on 14 February. It is a day when you give a valentine card to someone you have a romantic relationship with or would like a romantic relationship with

A valentine

A decorative card which you send, usually without your name on it, on 14 February (Valentine's Day) to someone you love. When you are popular you get a lo of valentines

Did you get any valentines?
Yes, I also sent you one!
Look Leila is writing a valentine

A valentine (person)

Someone you love or would like to have a romantic relationship with, to whom you send a valentine card:

The message on the card said 'Be my Valentine'.


The ancient Roman god of love, represented by a naked baby boy who has wings and shoots arrows at people to make them start to love each other

An arrow

Cupid shoots arrows at people to make them love each other.


a.  (Noun) An appointment for a particular time, esp with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attached

She has a dinner date

b.  (Noun) The person with whom the appointment is made

Who's your date for the prom (party)?

c. (Verb) To regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with.

They were dating for five years before they got married.
How long have you been dating Nicky?

Exchanging gifts

On Valentine's Day lovers express their feeling for each other, often by exchanging gifts. These gifts include:

A bouquet of flowers usually roses or carnations
A box of chocolate
Candy hearts


A group of flowers that have been fastened together and attractively arranged so that they can be given as a present or carried on formal occasion such as Valentine's Day.

Chris sent me a lovely bouquet on Valentine's Day.

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