School - Useful expressions

Useful school expressions

I go to primary school, high school, university ...

I have English, maths, science ...

What school did you go to?

What qualifications have you got?

What year did you graduate?

Useful school vocabulary


attendance at the bigining of the class by the teacher

class schedule/timetable

a list of the times when classes in school happen is called schedule in American English and timetable in British English.

The first lesson on the timetable for Monday morning is history.


(also called dorm or student residence) a large building at a college or university where students live.


join a class.

Is it too late to enroll at the college?
I enrolled for/in/on the modern art course.


(also frosh) a student in the first year of high school, college, or university.

He's a freshman at Harvard.
Greg and Jody met in their freshman year at college and married soon after they graduated.


when you receive your degree for completing your education or a course of study.

a graduation ceremony.


the break time between classes is called recess.


someone who is in charge of a school is called headmaster in British English but principal in American English.


The two or more divisions in the school year are called semesters in the USA, but they are called terms in Britain.

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