Idioms used with the parts of the body

This is a list of idiomatic expressions used with the parts of the body


You did it. You have to face the music.

On the head 

Yes. You hit the nail on the head. You’re absolutely right.

Eye to eye

 You two, you don’t see eye to eye; you don’t agree with each other.

Old hand

You’re an old hand at teaching. (Experienced.)

Under one's thumb

You keep everything under your thumb.

To stick one's neck out

You don’t want to stick your neck out, do you? (take the risk.)

By heart

Learn something by heart.

All ears.

I’m all ears.

Chip on your shoulder

Have a chip on your shoulder- to feel inferior or badly treated and to act in an oversensitive and resentful manner (informal)

Thick in the head

He’s thick in the head. (Stupid)

Armed to the teeth

The terrorist were armed to the teeth.

Back to the wall

 If you have your back to the wall, you are in serious difficulty. "With his back to the wall, the supplier had to accept the deal."

Rub shoulders

If you rub shoulders with someone, you have an opportunity to meet and talk to a person who is wealthy, famous or distinguished. "In her job in public relations, she sometimes rubs shoulders with famous people."

Give someone the cold shoulder

To give someone the cold shoulder means to deliberately ignore someone. "After having given my opinion about his problem with his wife, he gave me the cold shoulder and started ignoring my calls."