Vocabulary - Household Appliances

List of household appliances in English

Electrical / mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions are called home appliances or household appliances. The main functions of household appliances are:

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • entertainment

This is a list of the principal household appliances:

blender Electrodomésticos de línea blanca 08
can opener Can opener detail
coffee maker Mr Coffee Coffee Maker
dishwasher Dishwasher open for loading
electric kettle Electric kettle phillips white
hair dryer Hair dryer picture
fan Electric Fan 240x355
freezer HK domestic refrigerator Icebox VITA Fast foods
iron Electric iron lie
juicer Electrodomésticos de línea blanca 06
mixer Green Apple KitchenAid
microwave oven Microwave oven (interior)
refrigerator Open refrigerator with food at night
shaver Gfp-electric-shaver
stove Japanese kitchen propane stove
television set Sony Television Set
toaster Toaster
vacuum cleaner Panasonic MCE8013 vacuum cleaner close
washing machine Atlant

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