Hotel Vocabulary

Hotel Vocabulary List

This is a hotel vocabulary list. You will find here definitions of vocabulary items related to hotels along with clear examples.

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an all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort that includes a minimum of three meals daily, drinks and other services in the price.

bed and breakfast

a private home where guests are provided overnight accommodations and served breakfast but usually no other meals.

They stayed at a bed and breakfast near the Eiffel Tower.

double room

a room in a hotel that has a bed for two adults.

We want to book a double room


a lodging place, with dormitory accommodation and shared facilities, especially for young travelers.

In a hostel toilets are shared by all guests.


a commercial establishment that provides accommodation and other services for guests. Another word for hotel is inn.

There are many expensive hotels downtown.


a hotel.

This is an old inn where many stars have stayed.


A large area near the reception.

I was waiting in the lobby when I saw her coming to the reception desk.


A lodging establishment typically featuring a series of rooms whose entrance is near a parking lot normally located near a major highway.

John: I am tired. I need some sleep.
Mary: Lets spend the night at a motel and continue the trip tomorrow morning.


a desk at hotel where visitors or guests are received.

Hotel guests may ask for WiFi password at the reception desk.

single room

a room in a hotel that has a bed for one adult.


a number of connected rooms in a hotel forming one living unit.

The multi-millionaire is staying at the royal suite.



a male worker at a hotel who carries luggage for guests.

Please, let the bellboy carry the bags for you.

hotel manager

someone who is in charge of managing a hotel.


a woman servant who cleans the rooms and the linen.


a hotel employee who performs personal services for guests.

Don't worry about the car! The valet will park it for you.


book a hotel room

To reserve a hotel room.

I want to book a hotel room for next Friday.

check in

To register at a hotel, to announce or record one's arrival at a hotel.

Let's check in at this hotel before visiting museums.

check out

To leave a hotel after paying the bill.

The last hotel we stayed in last year charged us a lot of money for checking out late.

have / offer room service

a hotel service enabling guests to choose menu items for delivery to their hotel room for consumption there, served by staff.

This hotel offers room service.

make a hotel reservation

To reserve a room in a hotel in advance.

Did you make a hotel reservation?



amenities refer to anything that would benefit a lodging. Examples of amenities include: WiFi , dining, parks, swimming pools, golf courses, health club facilities, party rooms...

baggage / luggage

traveling equipment (bags, suitcases...)

Please, will you help me carry my luggage?


articles such as sheets, blankets, tablecloth...


a cloth used for wiping, especially one used for drying anything wet, as a person after a bath.

You'll find towels in the bathroom.