Business English - Hiring and Firing

Hiring and firing vocabulary

This is a list of business vocabulary related to hiring, firing and human resources.


To terminate the employment contract of (an employee), especially for cause (such as misconduct or poor performance). Synonyms of fire are: dismiss, make someone redundant, give the sack, give the axe, sack.

get the sack

To be dismissed from employment.Synonyms of get the sack are: get the chop, get the boot, get the elbow.

lay off

To dismiss (workers) from employment, e.g. at a time of low business volume, often with a severance (see below) package


To quit (a job or position).
I am resigning in protest of the unfair treatment of our employees.


To withdraw from one's occupation, business, or office; stop working.

give notice

To announce one's intent to leave a job; to inform an employer that one is leaving.
He gave notice yesterday that he'll leave in two weeks.

notice period

A period of time before which an employee, by contract or by courtesy, must inform his/her employer of his/her intention to leave the current job.

redundancy payment

a sum of money given by an employer to an employee who has been made redundant

severance pack

A severance package is pay and benefits an employee receives when he or she leaves employment at a company.

unfair dismissal

Unfair dismissal is the term used in UK labor law to describe an employer's action when terminating an employee's employment contrary to the requirements of the law.

constructive dismissal

also called constructive discharge, occurs when employees resign because their employer's behavior has become so intolerable or heinous or made life so difficult that the employee has no choice but to resign


A recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, or the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within a corporation. recruiters are also called headhunters


To employ.
They hired a new accountant.


a letter or certificate giving evidence of the bearer's identity or competence presented to employers before being hired

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