Confused Words | Accept and Except?

The confusion

The words accept and except are confusing because of these reasons:

  • They have somewhat similar spelling.
  • Both words sound similar.

In spite of the above similarities accept and except have different meanings.

What's the difference between accept and except?

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The word accept is a verb and it means to answer affirmatively or to receive (something offered).


  • They accepted the invitation.
  • I accepted the glass of water.


The word except is most of the times used as a preposition or a conjunction. But it may also be used as a verb.

1. As a preposition except means with the exclusion of, other than, or but.


  • All his friends came to the party except Alan and Amy.
  • They invited everyone except me.

2. As a conjunction except is used to introduce a statement that forms an exception to one just made.


  • I would travel to Paris, except that I haven't saved enough money yet.
  • She didn't tell him anything, except that she wanted to divorce.

3. The word except can be rarely used as a verb to mean to exclude.


  • You must pay a fee to get admitted, but children are excepted.
  • The media excepted few politicians from criticism.

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