Vocabulary exercise: idiomatic expressions

Do the exercise below on idioms and click on the button to check your answers.

Choose the appropriate idiomatic expressions:

  1. The teacher asked us to talk about the of industrial development .
  2. The police found nothing special in the house of the criminal as he had taken all the important documents with him, leaving just .
  3. Don’t worry about the problems you have in your business. You know there are always in business.
  4. If you think that doing this maths problem is just try it.

Choose the appropriate word to complete the meaning of the idiom:

  1. All these promises these politicians make are just in the sky.
  2. The small amount of money donated is just a drop in the compared to the large sum of money needed.
  3. I had to face the all by myself although I was not the only responsible for the problem.
  4. They had had a dispute yesterday. That's why she gave him the cold
  5. He has been successful in his life. He went from to riches.
  6. He spends his time drinking and watching TV. He's no to man or beast.
Idiomatic expressions.