Vocabulary Exercise - Home

Do the exercise below on the home vocabulary and click on the button to check your answers.

Choose the right word:

  1. I've got a darkroom in the where I develop films. It's perfect because there are no windows down there.
  2. Is there a where I can plug in this radio?
  3. You'd better have a under your drink in case you mark that side table. It's an antique.
  4. The is full again. I'll empty it.
  5. We keep our skis up in the during the summer. They are out of the way up there.
  6. You'll find the garden chairs in the at the bottom of the garden. Bring them up and we'll have a drink on the and watch the sunset.
  7. The light switch for the stairs is on the as you come out of your bedroom.
  8. I've moved to a now as I found I couldn't manage the stairs anymore at my age.
  9. People use the to store their food.

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