Vocabulary Exercise - Diffuse or Defuse?

Diffuse or Defuse? The words diffuse and defuseare often confused. Do the exercise below and click on the button to check your answers.

Before you do the exercise you may want to read about the difference between diffuse and defuse.

Choose the right words: diffuse or defuse ?

  1. It was until late in the evening that explosives specialists tried to the bomb.
  2. When the temperature rises, the hormone throughout the body.
  3. It is amazing how technologies rapidly
  4. He was a remarkable guy; he had the ability to tense moments with humor.
  5. His speech was , lacking clarity.
  6. The smoke throughout the room. .
  7. Skilled negotiators from the UN helped the middle east crisis.
  8. It is an organization that is , with its few members spread throughout the country.
  9. The oil from the ship over all the area causing an environmental catastrophe.
  10. A friend of mine was an expert at tense situations.

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