Vocabulary exercise - Citizenship.

Do the exercises below on citizenship and click on the button to check your answers.

Choose the right words:

  1. Good citizens would participate in by choosing the candidate they feel they can for.
  2. Citizens have but they must also be aware of their towards their community.
  3. Good citizens must work for the prosperity of the they live in.
  4. They should also respect the norms of the society.
  5. Civic engagement is the positive in the affairs of the community.
  6. Love of and devotion to one's country is called
  7. An citizen is involved in the of the community

Decide whether these examples of behavior are those of a good (GC) or a bad citizen (BC):

  1. ... respects the law.
  2. ... is not cooperative.
  3. ... votes.
  4. ... does not care about the protection of the environment.
  5. ... throws rubbish in the street.
  6. ... leaves his/her bus seat for an old person.
  7. ... helps lost strangers find their ways.
  8. ... thinks that voluntary work is a waste of time.
  9. ... jumps the queue.
  10. ... participates in community service.
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