Vocabulary Exercise - Prefixes and Suffixes

Do the exercise below on prefixes and suffixes and click on the button to check your answers.

Use prefixes to find the opposite of these verbs:

1- wrap
2- use
3- agree
4- engage
6- understand
7- fold
8- spell
9- connect
10- close

Put the words in brackets in the appropriate form (use prefixes or suffixes):

    1. He was acting in a very way. (child)
    2. She looked .She started to cry. (happy)
    3. He passed his exam. He was for the second time. (succeed)
    4. The team that he supported was able to win the . (champion)
    5. I couldn't find any in his theory. (weak)
    6. He wants to be a when he grows up. (mathematics)
    7. There were only a of people at the match. (hand)
    8. The road was too narrow, so they had to it. (wide)
    9. I think that you should your decision. It may not be the best thing to do. (consider)
    10. You need a of motivation, organization and hard work to realize your dreams. (combine)


Before submitting the test, check the following:

  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Spelling
  • Spaces (don't add any unnecessary spaces)