Vocabulary Exercise: Affect and Effect

Affect and effect are often confused. Do the exercise below and click on the button to check your answers.

(You may want to read the lesson about affect and effect before you do the quiz)

Choose the appropriate word (affect or effect)

  1. The government's new economic policy had a noticeable on households.
  2. Falling on his head had a bad on his cognitive abilities.
  3. Her illness will undoubtedly her productivity at work.
  4. Flowers my mood and makes me feel happy.
  5. The of flowers on my mood is incredible.
  6. High cholesterol can the heart.
  7. Researchers are concerned with the of caffeine on the nervous system.
  8. I think that the of high prices will be detrimental to the economy.
  9. Regular physical exercises can have positive on the immune system.
  10. Smoking cigarrettes may the lungs.

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