Global English test N°5

This is global English test N°5. Do it and click on the Key Answers link to check your answers.


Two teenagers capsized in the sea off the south coast of England and called Japan on a mobile phone to ask for help.That was when brother and sister Ken and Emily Booth were on a sailing holiday near Southampton. But because of huge waves their small boat capsized and they were thrown into the sea.

Ken, 17, and Emily, 16, spent 30 minutes trying to right the capsized dinghy, but without success. They couldn’t get back into the dinghy, and they couldn’t attract the attention of passing ships. After they had been in the water for about 40 minutes, the situation was getting serious, and they felt very cold. Then Emily remembered her mobile phone in its watertight container in her pocket and reached for it.

But she didn’t think of dialling 999, the emergency number. Instead she phoned their father, who was 6,000 miles away in Tokyo on a business trip. Emily explained: ‘I thought it would be quicker to phone someone I knew and tell them our position. I dialled Dad’s number and contacted the coastguard.’

About ten minutes later, after they had held on to the dinghy for nearly an hour, they heard a helicopter. Next, everything happened very quickly, and ken and Emily were picked up and carried to safety.

Afterwards, the coastguard said that the teenagers were lucky to be alive and very, very lucky that the mobile phone had worked. ‘Anyone in trouble should contact the coastguard direct on 999,’ he added.


1. Answer these questions from the text: (3pts)

a. How were the teenagers rescued?
b. Why did their dinghy capsize?
c. How far is Tokyo from Southampton?

2. Find in the text words or expressions which mean the same as: (3pts)

a.(n) small sailing boat
b.(v) turned over in the water
c.(n) opposite of danger.

3. What do the underlined words refer to? (2pts)

a. they: ...

b. it: ...

4. Fill in each column in the chart below with one linking expression from the text:(2points)

Reason Sequencing adverb Contrast Addition


1. Fill in each blank with one word from the list: (2pts)

higher – sighted – graduates – rooted – labour – backgrounds.

  a. University ... spend a lot of time looking for a job.
  b. ... -saving machines have made Man’s life easier.
  c. People from different  cultural  ... can co-exist and live in peace if they believe in tolerance.
  d. A short-... person is someone who can’t see very well.

2. What would you say in the following situations? (2pts)

a. Ask your brother to help you with a maths exercise.
b. Your teacher wants you to do an exercise, but you don’t know what you’re supposed to do. Express lack of understanding and ask for clarification.

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: (2pts)

 a. Susan gave up (go) ... to the gym a year ago.
 b. My friends (listen) ... to music when they heard an explosion outside.
 c. I managed (solve) ... the problem by myself.
 d. Emily said she (dial) ... her father’s number .

4. Join each pair of sentences using the words given: (2pts)

 a. Jo trains regularly. Yet, she is too fat. (although)


 b. Nancy is nice. Nevertheless, she doesn’t get on well with her husbund.(in spite of)


5. Make compound adjectives that match the definitions below: 2pts)

 a. A person with a kind heart:
 b. An exercise that cosumes too much time

Key Answers to global English test N°5

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