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Success in exams is determined by many intrinsic factors. Because motivation represents an essential element of success, it should be born in mind that no preparation might yield positive results if you are demotivated. So the first thing to do is to try to ask yourself what motivates you to pass the exam. Do you seek a financially rewarding job? Do you want to attend a university course? Or is it just a need to realize a dream? What ever motivates you is the crucial drive for your success!

In addition to motivation, you must have a realistic strategy towards success. This involves steps before and during the exam.

Tips for Success

Before the exam:
  • You need to plan and organize in an orderly way.
  • You need to set preparation timetables and set measurable, attainable and realistic goals.
  • Each subject should be given its due importance.
  • You must use mind maps, short notes summaries to revise lessons.
  • Previous exams can be of great help to students by reading them and familiarizing themselves with format, marking scheme, language, terminology, types of questions…
  • You must also set a time for sleep and relaxation.
During the exam:
  • While sitting for the exam, You should read the instructions carefully and check all the pages.
  • Students should consider which questions they will answer first and which they should leave for later. For example, it might be helpful to start planning the most difficult questions, but answer the easier questions first.
  • It is also preferable to plan timing according to the number of questions and marks for each.
  • Managing stress is an important factor. One tip that might work for students is taking deep breaths now and then.

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