Study Skills

Prepare for your exams with a healthy body and mind

Stress and Exams

To be able to deal with stress makes students stand a better chance of exam success. The only way to deal with stress is first to admit and recognize stressful patterns of behaviour and find healthy ways of dealing with them

Stress is part of students lives

The first thing students should do is to admit that stress constitute part of their lives.

Quick fixes

Some students will try alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee… to cope with their stress.  However, most of these quick fixes will only make the situation worse and add fuel to fire.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The secret to success is to take into consideration the prerequisites for a healthy body. This will prepare the ground for building the foundation of well-being and the necessary conditions for success.

  1. Moderation.
    Pay attention to how you lead your life most of the time. A healthy lifestyle is one that doesn't take extremes as a way of life. Be moderate in what you do.
  2. Eat well.
    It is important to pay attention to both what you eat and how you eat. As Socrates said: "Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat." A varied diet with vegetables and fresh fruits is good for the brain. Also take time off for meals.
  3. Exercise.
    Students must know the value of exercis because it plays a vital part in counterbalancing the stress responses produced in our bodies by having to meet deadlines and exams.
  4. Sleep. 
    Students are getting less and less of sleep which might lead to more stress. The hours of sleep before midnight are thought to be the most beneficial. For this reason students must re-regulate their body clock and go to bed and get up at regular times.
  5. Express yourself.
    The way students feel about their work and other issues in their life plays a huge part in how they deal with stress. It is advisable that students should be realistic whatever happens in their lives .

To sum up,  studies are really very important, but never at the expense of students physical and mental well-being. Besides, if students feel well they will be ready to face the challenges of exams alive and kicking.

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