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Work Sheet: Conditionals Work Sheet: Conditional Sentences | Condtional Sentence Type 0, Conditional Sentence Type 1, Conditional Sentence Type 2 and Conditional Sentence Type 3 with exercises... teach4all
Expressing purpose / Past perfect simple and continuous Summaries of The following points: 1. Expressing purpose 2. Past perfect simple and continuous With exercises on both points. teach4all
Review Quiz For Advanced Students Review Quiz For Advanced Students. teach4all
Possessive Nouns - Grammar Breakdown and Written Exercise This takes intermediate level ESL/EFL students through a basic breakdown of singular and plural possessive nouns, including possessive nouns of time (day's, month's, years'). A written exercise for correcting word order with possessive nouns follows. bekachka
Alphabet Song The alphabet song for children teach4all
colors and clothes colors and clothes vocabulary ali
relative pronouns Relative pronouns youssef
Parts of speech pre test - parts of speech teach4all
parts of speech Parts of speech quiz teach4all
health vocabulary health vocabulary - Englisish for Specific Purposes teach4all
Phrasal verbs Position of adverbial phrasal verbs teach4all
Constructive pedagagy What does the teacher do? Constructivist pedagogies and prospective teachers' beliefs about the role of a teacher teach4all
Discovery learning Constructivism, discovery learning, problem solving... teach4all
Bac exam specifications Bac exam specifications - 2009/2010 teach4all
Rephrasing Rephrasing Exercices Carlos270
English Test 11th Grade English test about cloning. Carlos270
quiz language quiz second year baccalaureate Moroccan students: prefixes/suffixes, verb tenses, passive voice, giving opinion ABDOU
Formal Letter phrases Formal expressions / phrases for writing a formal letter moh1
clock A printable clock to teach students how to tell the time teach4all
Quiz This is a quiz designed for level 4 Mroccan students. The quiz covers conditional type three, verb tenses, passive voice, collocations and agreement/disagreement. abdou