Reading Comprehension

Try this halloween quiz. You can also develop your reading skills. Read a text about Halloween and do the comprehension question

Halloween Quiz

pumpkin - jack-o'- lantern

Do the following quiz:

  1. What country started the traditions that led to celebrating Halloween?
    a) Ireland
    b) Mexico
    c) China
  2. Who wrote the novel “Frankenstein”?
    a) Bram Stoker
    b) Mary Shelley
    c) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  3. According to the novel “Dracula,” what region of the world did the famous vampire live?
    a) In a cave in Colorado
    b) Rural England
    c) Transylvania, Romania
  4. What is a name for a ghost that pulls pranks on people and spooks humans by making noises?
    a) Poltergeist
    b) Goblins
    c) Pranksters
  5. The scent of what strong smelling food is often thought to keep vampires away?
    a) Limburger cheese
    b) Garlic
    c) Tuna fish

Read a text about Halloween