Reading Comprehension - What to Do During Summer Holiday

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What to do during summer holiday?

After a whole school year of hard work, you may be wondering what you can do during the summer holiday. Here are some suggestions.

1. Rest
Don't feel guilty. Take some time to rest. You deserve it after a year of hard work.

See the latest movies or just pick one of the old movies that you have missed. Make it a family movie night every week.

3.Beach or swimming pool
When you're feeling a bit bored, a dip in the water will revitalize your mood. Of course, make sure to protect your skin with a hat and sunscreen.

4. Learn a skill
You might be interested in learning new skills such as cooking, playing soccer, playing a musical instrument. The summer is a great time for that.

5. Read
You've got plenty of time to read. Although technology has taken a major part of our lives, there is nothing more entertaining and informative than reading a book. Choose a topic you are interested in and read about it during the summer holiday.

6. Writing
keep a journal of what you are doing during the holiday. Writing a diary helps you a have a clear view of the events of the day. You might even give free vent to your artistic side and have a try in writing poems, short essays...

7. Travel
Visit places you have never been to. You don't need to make a long journey to find such places. They may be just near where you are.

8. Sport
If you are not already practicing a sport, think of taking up jogging, walking, tennis, soccer, or whatever... Make a decision about it and start exercising in order to be healthier, reduce stress and get ready for a new year of hard work.

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