Reading Comprehension - The Whale Song

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Some species of whales, such as the humpback whale, communicate using melodic sounds, known as whale song. These sounds can be extremely loud, depending on the species. Sperm whales have only been heard making clicks. Toothed whales (Odontoceti) use echolocation, a kind of biological sonar, a technique that uses sound propagation. This can generate about 20,000 watts of sound and can be heard for many miles. Whale vocalization is likely to serve many purposes, including echolocation, mating, and identification.

Captive whales have occasionally been known to mimic human speech. Scientists have suggested this indicates a strong desire on behalf of the whales to communicate with humans, as whales have a very different vocal mechanism, so producing human speech likely takes considerable effort.

Listen to whale song in this video:

Source: Wikipedia

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