Reading Comprehension - Ten Romantic Ideas

Develop your reading skills. Ten romantic ideas

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions. But sometimes people in love become resigned to the monotony of every day life. Nevertheless, there are a few ideas that can revive this overwhelming feeling.

1. Say "I love you!"

Saying I love you is magic. Saying these magic words from time to time can revive the fire of love. Try using these words not only in your marriage but with every body around you. You'll make a great difference in your relationship with others.

2. Smile

Smiling is an incredibly important part of our lives. We are all sensitive to a genuine smile. Your love will get even more intense, with a smile. It costs nothing but it has a tremendous result on any relationship. If you're looking to develop a genuine, infectious loving atmosphere, you have just to smile. Remember the quote:

"It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body... the heart." Author Unknown

So make smiling your favorite exercise.

3. Listening

By talking less and listening more. That way, you will understand your partner's thoughts and feelings better. Active listening is essential in a successful relationship. Listening is a way to show respect for the other and is a sign of openness and acceptance. It also means that you are present and fully dedicated to your partner. So devise an important part of your relationship to listening to your lover.

4. Say "thank you"

When your partner does something nice for you, tell her/him thank you. When someone takes the initiative to improve your life, acknowledge them by showing your gratitude. A thank you now and then for everyday things like making a meal, taking out the garbage, a small gift, a telephone call, cleaning the garage or buying the groceries will make your relationship deeply rooted in mutual gratitude, respect and love.

5. Share the responsibilities

You and your partner make one. It is important that share responsibilities in order to avoid critical situations. All relationships have to find a balance of roles and responsibilities that work for both partners.The birth of a child often intensifies the stress in the household and creates a distance between husband and wife. For maintaining a healthy relationship, men and women need to work together to do the everyday chores.

6. Schedule a special dinner

Dim the lights and have candles enhance the romantic atmosphere. Play sentimental music in the background. Scatter rose peddles along certain areas of the floor - like around the dinner table. Or make a pathway leading from the door to the table.

7. Surprise

Surprise can play an important role in spicing up a relationship. Romantic surprises may include breakfast in bed, a deep shoulder massage while they are at the computer, doing tedious work, dinner and dancing, a red rose on the seat of your lover's car before they go to work...

8. A walk together

A walk on the beach or in the park will enhance the feeling you have for each other. Take each other's hands and go in slow pace. Talk about the first time you met, your first kiss, or recall any other sweet memories...

9. Write love letters

When they aren't looking put a love letter in their pocket or leave it under their pillow . Fill it with "I love you" or "I miss you". You may also try to write a poem. Alternatively, write 101 reasons you love him or her. Spray your love letters with perfume.

10. Play games

Romantic games are nice to spice up your life. For example, things get quite interesting if you tell your lover you are their love Genie and you will grant him/her three wishes. Alternatively, you need to find an interesting social game and then you make bets on the game..(if you win I have to kiss you...massage you..etc).

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