Reading Comprehension - Olympic Games (Host Cities)

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Olympic Games (Host Cities)

Modern Olympic Games were reintroduced in the 19th century. Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894. Since then the Olympic Games have been organized every four years in different cities.

Year Host City, Country
1896 Athens, Greece
1900 Paris, France
1904 St Louis, USA
1906 Athens, Greece
1908 London, Great Britain
1912 Stockholm, Sweden
1916 Berlin, Germany (not held)
1920 Antwerp, Belgium
1924 Paris, France
1928 Amsterdam, Holland
1932 Los Angeles, USA
1936 Berlin, Germany
1940 Tokyo, Japan / Helsinki, Finland (not held)
1944 London, Great Britain (not held)
1948 London, Great Britain
1952 Helsinki, Finland
1956 Melbourne, Australia
1960 Rome, Italy
1964 Tokyo, Japan
1968 Mexico City, Mexico
1972 Munich, Germany
1976 Montreal, Canada
1980 Moscow, USSR
1984 Los Angeles, USA
1988 Seoul, South Korea
1992 Barcelona, Spain
1996 Atlanta, USA
2000 Sydney, Australia
2004 Athens, Greece
2008 Beijing, China
2012 London, England
2016 Rio, Brazil

Source: Wikipedia

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