List of films about Atlantis

Films about Atlantis

The mythical island of Atlantis has often been depicted in books, television shows, films and other creative works of popular culture. This page provides some films about Atlantis.

Date The title A brief description of the film
1936 Undersea Kingdom Following a suspicious earthquake, and detecting a series of signals, Professor Norton leads an expedition, including Lt Crash Corrigan and Reporter Diana Compton, in his Rocket Submarine to the suspected location of Atlantis. Finding the lost continent they become embroiled in an Atlantean civil war between Sharad (with his White Robes) and the usurper Unga Khan (with his Black Robes) who wishes to conquer Atlantis and then destroy the upper world with Earthquakes generated by his Disintegrator. Thus he will rule the world unless he can be stopped in time.
1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth It features the explorers who are trying to reach the core of the earth coming upon the remains of Atlantis far below the earth's surface. It is an adventure film adapted by Charles Brackett from the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. Journey to the Center of the Earth was directed by Henry Levin and stars James Mason, Pat Boone and Arlene Dahl.
1961 Atlantis, the Lost Continent Atlantis, the Lost Continent is a 1961 science fiction film, directed by George Pal and starring Anthony Hall, also called Sal Ponti, about the destruction of Atlantis during the time of Ancient Greece.
1978 Warlords of Atlantis Warlords of Atlantis posits that there is not just one but seven cities of Atlantis. It is a 1978 British science fiction/fantasy film about a trip to the lost world of Atlantis.
1979 Island of Mutations Island of the Fishmen (L'isola degli uomini pesce) is a 1979 Italian adventure action horror film directed by Sergio Martino.The movie starring Barbara Bach, featured the lost city of Atlantis hidden beneath the sea.
1985 Cocoon About 10,000 years ago, peaceful aliens from the planet Antarea set up an outpost on the planet Earth, on an island later known to mankind as Atlantis. When Atlantis sank, twenty aliens were left behind, kept alive in large rock-like cocoons at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
1988 Alien from L.A. Alien From L.A. is a 1988 science fiction film that stars Kathy Ireland as a young woman who visits the underground civilization of Atlantis.
2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a 2001 American traditionally animated science fiction action-adventure film created by Walt Disney Feature Animation. It featured some of the ideas of Edgar Cayce in which ships and aircraft were powered by a form of energy crystal.
2008 10,000 BC In which the god-like race that commands the construction of a pyramid are believed by the slaves to have originated from a civilization that sank into the sea. Another scene in the film briefly shows a map depicting a large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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