Educational System in England

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This page describes the educational system in England. The educational system in the Uk differs from the educational systems in the other parts of Britain.

The English educational system is divided into primary, secondary and higher education Children are required to start school at the age of five. Compulsory education lasts until the age of sixteen. Most pupils transfer from primary to secondary education at the age of eleven.

Students may then continue their secondary studies for a further two years (sixth form), leading most typically to an A level qualification, although other qualifications and courses exist, including Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications and the International Baccalaureate.

Higher education typically begins with a 3-year Bachelor's Degree. Postgraduate degrees include Master's Degrees, either taught or by research, and Doctor of Philosophy, a research degree that usually takes at least 3 years.

The most common patterns for schooling in the state sector in England

Age on 31st Aug Year Curriculum stage Schools
3 Nursery Foundation Stage Nursery school
4 Reception Infant school Primary school First school
5 Year 1 Key Stage 1
6 Year 2
7 Year 3 Key Stage 2 Junior school
8 Year 4
9 Year 5 Middle school
10 Year 6
11 Year 7 Key Stage 3 Secondary school Secondary school
with sixth form
12 Year 8
13 Year 9 Upper school or
High school
14 Year 10 Key Stage 4 / GCSE
15 Year 11
16 Year 12 (Lower Sixth) Sixth form / A level Sixth form college
17 Year 13 (Upper Sixth)

Source: Wikipedia

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