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What does handle someone with kid gloves mean?

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handle someone with kid gloves


If you handle someone or something with kid gloves, you treat them delicately or carefully, mainly because of a perceived sensitivity.

The origin of 'handle with kid gloves'

kid gloves were originally made from the skin of a young lamb or goat, a particularly fine, soft material. These gloves were first associated with aristocracy. By the end of the 19th century, the phrase ‘handle with kid gloves’ gained a figurative meaning, that is treating someone or something 'delicately’ or ‘carefully'.

The phrase is contrasted with other expressions containing the term gloves:

- Take off the gloves.
- The gloves are off.
- Handle without gloves.

All the above expressions refer to inflicting harsh treatment to someone or something.


- He has become so sensitive after his divorce. You need to handle him with kid gloves.
- Make sure you handle her kid gloves; she is suffering from depression and anxiety.

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