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What does lay something at the feet of someone mean?

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lay something at the feet of someone


If you lay something at the feet of someone, you make or hold someone, especially a group of people, responsible for something.

A related idiom is the following:

lay the blame​ or responsibility for something on something or someone.

Here is a quote by Sentinel and Enterprise using this idiom to talk about how Virginia lawmakers ban guns at state Capitol:

"GOP lawmakers accused Democrats of rushing through an unnecessary policy and then trying to lay it at the feet of Capitol Police."


The country is suffering from a severe financial crisis combined with a deep recession. The opposition is laying the blame at the feet of the government.

The manager laid the company's failure at the feet of our team.

The mass media ar laying the murder at the feet of the FBI.

The politician lay the social crisis at the feet of the schools. He thinks that our children haven't been taught about responsibility and hard work.

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