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What does never say die mean?

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never say die


The phrase never say die means never give up or surrender. It is used to encourage a person to keep trying.


Although the structure of the phrase never say die may seem strange, one may imagine that it has emerged as a reply to a statement such as “we are all going to die”, expressing despair in the face of fatal circumstances.

Idiomatically, it just means that one should not give up hope. The idiom reminiscent of the phrase "where there's life there's hope".

The expression can be also used as an adjective:

A never-say-die attitude refers to an unconquerable spirit. If you have such an attitude, you don't surrender or give up.

Another variation of the phrase is never say never.


1. Jane: It is difficult for me to continue working on this project.
Lisa: Come on Jane! Never say die! You just have to be patient.
2. You should never say die even if many things go wrong in your life.
3. Our team has a never-say-die attitude. No matter how things are bad for them, they always find a way to win.

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