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What does turn in one's grave mean?

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turn in one's grave


To turn in one's grave or to turn over in one's grave is an idiomatic expression used to describe the anger or revulsion of a dead person if he or she were alive to hear of particular negative news or actions.

The origin of the idiom

One of the earliest known examples of the phrase dates back to a 4 November 1801 House of Commons speech by a Mr. Windham. In that speech, Mr. Windham warns Britain against yielding too much power to France during the peace talks following the revolutionary wars:
"Thus have we done a thing altogether unknown in the history of this country; a thing which would have scared all former politicians; a thing, which, if our old Whig politicians were now to hear, they would turn in their graves."


Your poor father would turn in his grave if he heard the horrible things you did to your mother.
I can't believe you went bankrupt after the generous inheritance you got after the death of your late mother. That's enough to make her turn over in her grave!

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