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What does frog in one's throat mean?

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frog in one's throat


To have a frog in one's throat means to be unable to speak clearly because one's throat is dry or blocked.

The idiom may refer to real hoarseness or the inability to speak because of fear.

The origin of the phrase

Why do we say frog in your throat?

The story goes that because people used to drink from ponds and streams, there was a fear that they could swallow frog’s eggs which may hatch in one's throat. This was believed to cause choking feeling in the back of the throat.

The legend has it that quacks (that is unqualified traveling doctors) used to sell fake cures for throat problems. They deceived people by having an assistant who pretended to have a ‘frog in his throat’. The fake doctor would give medicine to the assistant causing him to cough up a live frog and all of a sudden recover his voice!


I can hardly talk! I have a frog in my throat because of the cold weather.

A: Have you noticed that Jane had a frog in her throat? She was so terrified that she couldn't utter a word.
B: Yes, she couldn't believe that she was caught red-handed and that she would spend the rest of her life in jail.

Whenever he had to speak in public, he gets a frog in his throat.

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