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What does snake in one's bosom mean?

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snake in one's bosom


The phrase a snake in one's bosom refers to a person whom one has treated well and taken care of but turned out to be traitorous, untrustworthy, or ungrateful.

Other variants of this idiom:

a serpent in one's bosom
a viper in one's bosom

The viper is a family of venomous snakes.

This idiom usually collocates with verbs like cherish, nurture, nurse, nourish and warm:

cherish a snake in one's bosom
nurture a snake in one's bosom
nurse a snake in one's bosom
nourish a snake in one's bosom
warm a snake in one's bosom


1. "Lord, let me not warm a snake in my bosom, that will at last sting me to the heart." Whole Works of the Rev. Mr. John Flavel, Volume 5, By John Flavel"
2. I had taken him into my care, but when he grew up, he stole all my money and fled away. I had nourished a snake in my bosom.
3. He loved her so much and treated her like a queen. But, after ten years of marriage, he found out that he had cherished a snake in his bosom. She run off with a younger man.

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