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What does bird's-eye view mean?

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bird's-eye view


The phrase a bird's-eye view is an idiomatic expression. Literally, it refers to a view seen from high above. Figuratively the phrase means an overall view of something or the large picture of something. It may also refer to a look at the whole situation from a more distant viewpoint.


This idiom dates from about 1600. It refers to the view from above, the view a bird may have while flying high in the sky. Transferred to its figurative meaning, a bird's-eye view refers to an overall view of things from a distance, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird seeing things from above.

A worm’s-eye view is the opposite of a birds’-eye view. Basically, this refers to a view of an object from below, as though the observer were a worm.


1. We got a bird's-eye view of the town from the top of the high building.
2. The presentation provides a bird's-eye view of how to start a business online.

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