The logical song by Supertramp

"The Logical Song" is a hit single by Supertramp, sung by band member Roger Hodgson. This page provides information about the song and links to the lyrics and the official video.

The logical song by Supertramp


Beginner and intermediate students.

Facts about the song

  • Song:
    The logical song

  • Album:
    Breakfast in America
  • Date of release:
    March 1979
  • Genre:
  • Length of the song:
    3 minutes and 45 seconds.
  • Writer:
    Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson
  • Produced by:
    Supertramp, Peter Henderson

Interesting information about the song

The lyrics of the song are a condemnation of an education system focused on categorical jargon as opposed to knowledge and sensitivity.The lyrics are notable for their use of consonance, with a repetition of the '-ical/ -able' endings of multiple adjectives.

The video

The Video

The lyrics

Full lyrics of this song

Language points

The song includes many interesting language points:


wonderful, beautiful, magical, sensible, logical, responsible, practical, dependable, clinical, intellectual, cynical, asleep, simple, absurd, radical, liberal, fanatical, criminal, acceptable, respectable, presentable, deep


happily, joyfully, playfully, too

Eexpressions that may be useful to students:

  • When I was young
    It seemed that life was so wonderful
    A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
    And all the birds in the trees
    Well they'd be singing so happily
    Oh joyfully, oh playfully watching me

Source: Wikipedia

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