Heal The World by Michael Jackson

Heal the World is a song by Michael Jackson from his hit album, Dangerous, released in 1991. This page provides information about the song and links to the lyrics and the official video.

Heal The World by Michael Jackson


Beginner and intermediate students.

Facts about the song

  • Song: Heal The World
  • Album: Dangerous
  • Date of release: November 23, 1992
  • Genre: Soft rock, gospel
  • Lenght of the song: 6 minutes and 25 seconds.
  • Writer: Michael Jackson
  • Produced by: Michael Jackson

Interesting information about the song

The song was played at the funeral of James Bulger, a two-year-old child abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys. Jackson also donated the song to be used as the anthem for the charity "the James Bulger Red Balloon Center", a school for children to go to if they are being bullied or have learning difficulties.

The video

Official Music Video

The lyrics

Full lyrics of this song

Language points

The song includes many interesting language points:

Eexpressions that may be useful to students:

  • There's a place in your heart 
    And I know that it is love 
    And this place could be much 
    Brighter than tomorrow . 
    And if you really try 
    You'll find there's no need to cry 
    In this place you'll feel 
    There's no hurt or sorrow. 

Source: Wikipedia

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