Excuse Me Mr By Harper/Plunier

Excuse Me Mr. is a song written by Harper, Ben/plunier, Jean Pierre from the album Live From Mars. This page provides information about the song and links to the lyrics and the official video.

Excuse Me Mr By Harper/Plunier


Beginner and intermediate students.

Facts about the song

  • Song: Excuse Me Mr.
  • Album: Fight for Your Mind
  • Date of release: 1995
  • Genre: Reggae
  • Lenght of the song: 4 minutes and 09 seconds.
  • Writer: Ben Harper
  • Produced by : Ben Harper, J.P. Plunier, Bob "Stiv" Coke

Interesting information about the song

Ben Harper is is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He began playing the guitar as a child. In 1978, at the age of 9, Harper attended reggae superstar Bob Marley's performance in Burbank, California, which was according to him an important influence. His song Excuse me Mr. is a politically charged reggae.

The video

The Video

The lyrics

Full lyrics of this song

Language points

The song includes many interesting language points:

  1. Apologizing
  2. Yes or no questions
  3. Present continuous

Eexpressions that may be useful to students:

  • Excuse me Mr.
    do you have the time
    or are you so important
    that it stands still for you
  • Can't you see the children dying
    you say that you can't help them
    Mr. you're not even trying
  • I'm taking the Mr.
    from out in front of your name
    cause it's a Mr. like you
    that puts the rest of us to shame

Source: Wikipedia

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